Preparations before repair

to independently perform repair work necessary to prepare the locksmith tools and materials.It is necessary to close the water coming down the toilet.If water is not blocked, then there is a possibility of breakage of worn valve (e.g., due to prolonged use), pressurized water jet can hit. order to qualitatively carry out repairs plumbing fixtures, you must have the knowledge that can be gleaned from various sources.

causes of leaks, their removal

initially should be identified to find the cause of a leak.To do this, carefully remove the toilet tank cover, check the "pear" because the cause of the water flow can be loose fit her into the seat.If the "pear" deformed, then it must be replaced with a new sanitary or fill flax, hemp, burlap or twine to return spherical shape.

If "pear" is not deformed, and leakage continues it is necessary to give it the weight of, for example, by a nut, which is necessary to impose on the rod.In the event of a leak, which was the result of corrosion on the seat, must be "pear" to remove, and from the surface of the saddle remove rust using sandpaper or a sharp object (knife, scraper, etc.).

cistern will not be filled because of the skew of the float, which is on its bottom.It is necessary to move the float arm in different directions.Often it helps to work the toilet normal.If the action is not given to the effect of a float, the water continues to flow check valve should be corrected, as it can be skewed.

toilet can leak and where it is connected to the sewer pipe.In this case, the corrugation is removed, after which the knife sandpaper and cloth (brushed) purified two seats (on the toilet and at the end of the pipe), and then lubricated with a fresh layer of sealant.New corrugation (preferably reinforced) is mounted on the place of the old, and the ends of its carefully compacted using a sealant. Better to have a toilet at home plate with cast shelf for joining cistern, which is low.There is almost no breakage shelves, it does not break the cuff.

One reason may be a leak and weak tightening the bolts that connect the tank to the bowl.The bolts should be tightened very carefully so as not to damage the ceramic toilet.Here are listed only the most basic causes of possible malfunctions, and there may be more.In order to find and eliminate the need to time, as well as a thorough examination of the components and parts of sewerage system.