new roll of linoleum should be kept for a while in a dry and warm room, better in the vertical position.Before you start, you need to free the floor from wear cloth and debris.The surface, which will be laid a new coating must be clean and dry.
canvas must be chosen taking into account the size of the room that did not have too much to combine.If joints can not be avoided, it is best to do them under the furniture.
Crop linoleum needed so that between its edge and the wall was a small gap of about 0.5-0.7 cm. With the expanded use of linoleum, and the distance is gradually filled.If this aspect is neglected, flooring wrinkle, lose their form.It is very important for the linoleum on the felt basis.
Krepjat linoleum at the door and along the length of the adjacent walls.It uses a special glue or double sided tape.If the room is large enough if the floor is heated, and the furniture is often moves - the canvas better fix on the entire surface.In order to avoid contamination and to the edge of the linoleum did not disperse, the joints are further processed "cold welding" or pave a two-way tape.
If water gets under the linoleum, then it can be formed by mold and odor.Therefore, the web must be isolated from moisture.To do this on the wall and the edge of linoleum under the skirting board can be pasted strip of wide tape.In addition, there should be joint under the sink.In areas of high humidity linoleum is better not to lay.
linoleum to serve as long as possible, does not warp, do not crack or bad bubbled, followed by the need to properly care: avoid excessive moisture and hit on it of solvents, it is necessary to avoid scratching cleaning agents.Do not wash linoleum too hot water as it washes out the picture.One time in 2 months can be greased linoleum linseed oil or linseed oil, then wipe well.And for normal maintenance is simple enough water, liquid detergent and soft cloth.