you need
  • - special key;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - seal;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - abrasive paste.
To adjust mixer , check the condition of nut swivel drain.Note Release ring and rubber seal.Very often fails seal.In the case of unfitness it must be replaced.If you do not have the spare parts will suit any rubber gasket, fitted in size.Instead of the expander ring it may be made of plastic without affecting the operation of the mixer navertet copper wire.The main thing is to match the diameter.
Inspect the switching device, which is used to transfer the water to the shower or faucet.This is most likely a problem that occurs in 80% of mixers of various designs.It is necessary to check the gaskets and O-rings.Their condition is in most cases unfit for further service.The first sign of failure of the switch - the puddle under the mixer, coming in spurts water and other sounds coming from the water supply pipe.
If leakage of water could not be adjusted by replacing the faulty rings and gaskets, examine the state of the external mixer, there are no visible physical damage.In their absence, proceed to dismantle the mixer to adjust the location of the conical plug socket.To do this, remove the faucet and check the condition of the seals and fit the plug socket.
Unscrew the nut and pull the handle with spindle.Gently pull the plug, being careful not to do more damage.Take chalk and draw on the tube a couple of bands.Then insert the plug back into the socket and turn first to one and then the other side.
again pull out the plug and check the bands of chalk.If they are worn unevenly, then this means that the plug fits smoothly to the wall and on its surface there are so-called "teaser", which can be eliminated by using sandpaper.Then use abrasive paste for precise regulation of the gaps between the socket and the plug.