Flattery , if you believe the explanatory dictionary of Ushakov - obsequious praise, hypocritical admiration for someone, something inspires greed.The key word is the word "selfish."And flattery is a formidable weapon in the right hands, or more precisely in the mouth? Flatter often superiors;girl, whose attention to want to achieve;unloved relatives, such as mother-that she had not looked at so viciously in-law.The motives of flattery to ooze particular person may be different, but they are always pursue a specific goal: the approval of a strict parent, or a possible increase in the opportunity to spend a nice evening in the company of the most popular devushki.Suschestvuet opinion that flattery is of two main types: rough and tonkaya.Grubuyu flatteryeasily identified.It is from the category of praise, like the expression: "the greatest of the great", "the fairest of the most beautiful", "Turkish Delight of my heart."Listen to this flattery is not only harmful, but often disappointing.And sometimes it's just ridiculous.If you know that you are not the standard model for television, the flattering style, "you would only show on TV," will seem silly and smeshnoy.Vtoroy more insidious type of flattery.Fine flattery - she ornate, and it is still necessary to try to distinguish from a sincere compliment.He flatterer require attention, observation, intelligence and sense of time.As well as full control over their emotions.Otherwise, like a sincere comment can turn into a cruel mockery, and all is lost.Also, flattery can be humorous or sarcastic.In the first case - it will, most likely, the fun, the second can not end well.Few loves sarcasm in his duty storonu.Byvaet even flattery.Well, for example, in the situation, "because all flatter him like that, and I must do the same" .and one more point that is worth knowing about flattery.Her orientation.More often than not the flattery you send to someone, but it is possible and self-flattery.It is useful even when self-esteem has taken a beating for some reason.The main thing in this case is not to overdo it and do not turn into a narcissistic personality, for which the rest of the gray faceless mass, worthy of worship except that you lyubimomu.Na fact, if you believe the writers and classics, worse than that there is little flattery.Therefore it is better to focus on a sincere compliment.They are honest, from the heart and really give people the feeling that it is appreciated.