Consider the identity of the interlocutor.Do not forget that all people are unique.Before you start a conversation, consider temperament companion, think about the topics that are best avoided, imagine how much he wants to talk to you.All of this may seem obvious, but usually - not done.If you mentally to win back the situation to start a conversation will be much easier.
Never start a conversation with abstract questions!If you come to the colleagues who are not too closely associated, and ask, "How are you?", It becomes apparent that you have come with a specific purpose, such as "relaxing start" seems far-fetched.You will be a specific reason to start a conversation, and the closer it is to the "real", the better.For example, if you are very interested in the personal life of a person, you can invite him to the bar and casually ask, he will come alone or with a friend.
Formulate questions openly.Head inept in dealing with the new employee asks: "Do you like us?".The problem in question is that it involves one-word answer: "Yes", and if the person is modest, it is nothing more than that of not giving oneself.It is much more correct formulation of the question is: "How much has changed in comparison to your previous job?".This issue involves a small argument, which will bring the dialogue further.
Specify!One of the best ways to talk - show interest in the subject of discussion.Find a topic that people will talk willingly (for example, about his hobby) and learn every nuance of detail.If the source is a positive attitude - it is just talk.However, fear of curiosity where it is needed.Do not insist and ask if you can see a sharp denial from the opposite side.