Consult a physician.Visual hallucinations - it is the most common form of hallucinations and are one of the symptoms of mental disorders of various origins, organic brain damage or poisoning.In this context simply need to consult a psychiatrist or a neuropsychiatrist.Psychologists and psychotherapists in this case does not help, since the first engaged in a healthy person, and the second - correction lung abnormalities neuroses.In addition, hallucinations may be signs of poisoning or chemical drug preparations, and therefore, medical help is needed as quickly as possible.
carefully watch over hallucinations, the terms of their origin and accompanied by symptoms.Some types of hallucinations that occur as a result of mental disorders can not be critical thinking man because he can not distinguish them from reality.Hallucinations may be accompanied by intense emotions of fear, anger, anxiety.This means that man can not ask for help.It should make for a family.
Exclude from life stressors Naladte daily routine.It happens that the visual hallucinations and other kinds of hallucinations can be caused by mental strain, intense intellectual stress, chronic sleep deprivation, severe traumatic situation.Then, according to the doctor neuropsychiatrist George Barannikova, longer sleep and eliminate causes an overload factor can remove the symptom.But this is only if the hallucinations, visions caused a nervous breakdown.
Use the medication as prescribed.Your doctor may prescribe antipsychotics, tranquilizers and antidepressants.In the case of permissive attitudes towards the treatment of hallucinations can progress, a person can become dangerous both for themselves and for others.Launched, chronic hallucinosis already difficult to treat.