you need
  • spokesman
Take the lead in the conversation.This means that you should ask yourself the topics which are good.Paradoxically, according to the experiments of psychologists, in conversation, for example, between men and women speak more just men, they are talking.It is because of this most of the interlocutors low score brains of the fair sex.However, the opposite situation is possible.
do not argue about topics that do not make sense, just translate the conversation in your own direction.Again, the experiment proved - if you hold a conversation on the topic in which you understand better than the source, you'll look smarter than him.
Work on eloquence.Proper beautiful it always makes an impression.Learn how to develop your idea, give it to the end.
Do not be afraid to manipulate someone.Lovely welcome in the debate, even borrowed from Greek rhetoric - saying bring your opponent to the point of absurdity, and then refute it.That is to say, echoing his interlocutor in his own words, reinterpret it so it sounded nonsense, and then bring your argument that sounds logical.
From the first seconds of conversation behave favorably, without arrogance.If you demonstrate their superiority, the opponent might be tempted to "topple you from the podium."In other words - to humiliate, and for many the most common technique to show the enemy his place - is to put a man a fool.
Demonstrate open-mindedness, tolerance, the ability to simultaneously recognize the right of existence of multiple points of view.This is particularly useful for work colleagues.
If the situation is hopeless, and you need to show a deep understanding of the topics where you really do not understand, just very carefully listen to the interlocutor.Display your facial expressions that catch every word, and agree not fell into the discussion.